Bartók/Mikrokosmos | © Herman Sorgeloos

This summer, in a return to her choreographic roots, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, along with her Belgium-based dance company Rosas, revisits four of her iconic early works, each a seminal event in the development of one of contemporary dance’s greatest personalities.

  • Bartók/Mikrokosmos

    Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s company presents an evening in three parts, about the pleasure of dancing and playing music together.
  • Elena’s Aria

    In this dance set to operatic arias, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker moves away from repetition, questioning her past work.
  • Rosas danst Rosas

    In this physically intense work for four dancers, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker furthers her exploration of repetition in music and movement.
  • Fase

    A “jaw-dropping” work to music by Steve Reich that propelled Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker onto the international dance scene.


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

July 8July 16

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